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Binge Eating… Anorexia… Bulimia… Eating-disorder-not-otherwise-specified… Emotional Eating... Food Addiction…


There are a million ways to be messed up around food.


I understand food obsessions… weight obsessions… body image obsessions.

I have personal and professional experience with all of it.

I’ve been working with the Food Addiction Program at Renascent, the first of it’s kind in Canada, for the last few years.  Most of my clients arrive with a lifetime of food issues and feel like they have exhausted every other option.  Continued work helps them find peace around food and peace in their body and peace in their lives.  Food obsessions calm, weight does not dominate every thought and that voice of self-hate quiets and fades away.


I look at food issues from a biopsychosocial-spiritual model.  Bio referring to the food itself and our body’s response to it.  Psycho refers to what’s going on in our heads, present and past challenges that seem to keep us stuck.  Social refers to all the pressures the outside world puts on us.  And spiritual looks at our connection, or lack of it, with something greater than ourselves.


When these are addressed, altogether, I think we have a chance to quiet the food obsession and live with some peace. 

I do not believe in quick fixes because they have never worked for me.  This takes time and work, but so does everything worthwhile.


After an initial phone call I ask clients to commit to six weeks of sessions.  During those sessions I complete a full intake and start to address personal goals and you will get to know me and how I work. On the sixth session, we'll see if it's a fit for continuing longer term work. 

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